What can I expect from a SHED Group Fitness Class?
Each day of the week will focus on a different muscle group.  You will be led through 3-5 stations of moderate to high intensity exercises.  Each station will last approximately 5-8 minutes, although we aren’t making any promises.

Will I be able to make it through ANY of the SHED classes or should I just hang out on the couch and watch Netflix?
SHED classes are designed for ALL fitness levels.  Trainers will be happy to provide beginner level exercises and modifications if needed.  Netflix is cool too though.

Why in the world would I do SHED Strength when I can do SHED Group Fitness Classes?
SHED Strength is strictly limited to private training sessions.  Results will be similar to the group classes, but there is something to be said for a workout tailored exclusively to your needs.  More information can be found HERE

What is the SHREDDER class?
This class focuses on raising the heart rate.  While our other classes include set times for each station, Shredder is based purely on how long it takes you to make it through the posted workout. It’s a hoot.

What is the Sunday Circuit?
The Sunday Circuit is a full-body workout consisting of 1 minute long sessions.  You will be led through an intense workout consisting of 26-30 stations with the total workout time of approximately 40 minutes (kind of like a fitness haunted house). This workout promises to be a great start to your Sunday Funday!

How do I sign up for my first class?
Signing up in advance online is possible through the SHED Group Fitness app (find at the app store).  Signing up before class is always recommended as classes could fill up quickly.  Walk-ins are always welcome (if class isn’t full). 

What should I bring?
We have big waters ($3) and towels ($2) available for purchase.  However, you are always welcome to bring your own.  If you plan to shower after your workout, we do provide towels, shampoo etc. in our locker rooms.

Can I exchange a SHED Group Fitness class for a Shed Strength session?
Unfortunately, we do not allow exchanges between the two because the pricing structure is different.  *Class pricing will be different at every location.